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River Sports Magazine is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users and fostering consumer confidence in the Internet, Internet advertising and direct marketing. We invite you to review the overview of our Privacy Policy and our more detailed Privacy Policy set forth below. Because of the changing nature of privacy laws, consumer needs and our business, we may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. Accordingly, since we want to help you clearly understand our Privacy Policy, and any revisions to our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to become aware of any changes that may have occurred. We also invite you to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

While this privacy policy applies to the global operations of River Sports Magazine and its parent company, we will refer here only to River Sports Magazine to make reading this policy easier. Please note that this policy applies only to River Sports Magazine and websites that use River Sports Magazine technology and services, and not to any other websites of other companies or organizations.

We encourage all companies with which we do business to engage in fair information practices.

We request that our clients consent to and comply with the standards of online privacy, as outlined by the Online Privacy Alliance Also, in accordance with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), we strongly encourage our clients to create privacy policy statements and to provide Internet users with conspicuous access to their privacy policy statements. Additionally, we request that our clients disclose any and all information that is being collected from Internet users on their websites, including data gathered from banners and other forms of advertising being served on their websites. We also monitor the websites of our clients on a regular basis to determine whether they are adequately disclosing and updating their privacy disclosure.


The following is a list of selected links to privacy-related resources that can be found on the Internet:

Federal Trade Commission

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Department of Education: Parents Guide to the Internet

Center for Democracy and Technology

Online Privacy Alliance

Network Advertising Initiative


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