River Sports, Music and Movement: Tunes For The River

serene canoe

It’s been around since ancient times, and evolved through countless generations, but whatever your preference, music has a habit of making you feel good. It’s great company and it livens up the soul. Add some river sports with your music … Continue reading

Warm Up Exercises for Canoeing and Kayaking: Time To Stretch!

After a long day of paddling or hiking to your favorite canoe or kayaking destination, your legs can sometimes feel like they’re anchors holding you in place. Of course, your shoulders, hips, and the rest of your body can feel … Continue reading

Kayaking Maine’s Orr’s and Bailey Islands

For thousands of years man has gone out on the sea alone in a kayak and experienced what might be the ultimate soul journey on the water. The Orr’s and Bailey Islands are part Harpswell Island chain located off the … Continue reading

Kayaking on Devon’s River Dart

Rising on the high moor among the mysterious tors of Dartmoor, Devon’s East and West Darts converge at Dartmeet before continuing a journey through wonderful scenery. Twenty miles later, the river exits the mainland at Dartmouth. In between, it serves … Continue reading

Paddling the Calcasieu

Most always, the ingredients for a great recipe are balanced to let the flavor of each individual part come through every bite. Louisiana’s Calcasieu River resembles a great recipe. Natural beauty, food and fun, as well as superb fishing make … Continue reading

Kayaks on Ireland’s River Shannon

The Shannon is Ireland’s longest river – around 224 miles long – and forms a natural barrier between east and west. Its flow takes it through 11 counties and its intrinsic “Irishness” has enabled it to become an immensely popular … Continue reading

Paddling the French Broad River

The French Broad River is the third oldest stream in the world, the first and second oldest being the Nile and the New River (the latter also begins in North Carolina). So old that it is practically devoid of fossils, … Continue reading

Kayaking Chilkoot Lake: Haines, Alaska

It is mid-morning on Chilkoot Lake; a mirror perfect image of the water’s surface reflects the 4,000-foot mountains and gray sky looming overhead. Soft ripples and large splashes spread across the stillness as a few of the 100,000 Sockeye Salmon … Continue reading

Sea Kayaking with Outdoor Adventures, Lopez Island and More

The third largest in the San Juan archipelago, Lopez Island is one great place for watersports. It has plenty of beaches and its warm summer temperatures and scenery brings plenty of tourists. It’s easy to get to by air or … Continue reading

Kayaking and Rafting: Four Lessons from Swiftwater Rescue Training

Having spent my college years as an avid whitewater kayaker and rafter I considered myself to be reasonably skilled in self-rescue techniques and river safety. My trip leaders were never negligent; we learned to avoid strainers, look for undercuts, wet … Continue reading