About Angela Goodwin

I love Alaska! Everything that I like to do is right here in this great place. So just to let you know I will be on vacation for the rest of my life. Photography, writing, fishing and snowshoeing are among my favorite things to do, and it all goes together. Anywhere I go and anything I do, I can take my camera along and when I get back from whatever adventure I am on, I can write about it. Then I can send it off to you to read. So, Enjoy!


Kayaking Chilkoot Lake: Haines, Alaska

It is mid-morning on Chilkoot Lake; a mirror perfect image of the water’s surface reflects the 4,000-foot mountains and gray sky looming overhead. Soft ripples and large splashes spread across the stillness as a few of the 100,000 Sockeye Salmon … Continue reading

The Susquehanna River: History and Sports

The History:

The headwaters of the great Susquehanna River begin in eastern New York State, near Cooperstown in Otsego Lake.

The river flows out of the lake and begins winding southwest into Bradford County in Northern Pennsylvania. It continues changing … Continue reading