About John Soltys

John Soltys is a father, a husband, an adventurer, and a hacker. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and never considers leaving, even when it rains for 100 days straight. He dreams of days when he can turn off the computer and explore our amazing world with his family. You can find him where the road heads up into the mountains, tucked against the river, at the end of a dirt road. He writes at moosefish.com, tubbssnowshoes.com, and wta.org. He's also on twitter as @moosefish.


Fly Fishing In Montana, Queen of the Golden West

I can’t remember any summer vacations growing up that weren’t spent in Montana. The family would rent a motorhome, and we’d drive from one river to another for the first two weeks in August. As flyfishermen, it was the ultimate … Continue reading