River Sports and Shirakami Sanchi, Japan’s First Natural World Heritage Site

The sea alongside Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture, resembled a blue glass tabletop as we leisurely paddled our kayaks toward where the ocean touched a cloud-layered sky. Our guide pointed out Mt. Shirakami, part of Japan’s Shirakami Sanchi Natural World Heritage … Continue reading

Salmon Culture of Murakami, Japan

Salmon have been swimming upstream to lay their eggs throughout the mountainous archipelago nation of Japan for thousands of years. The ruby-red eggs and succulent pink flesh of these powerful swimmers are more than just a source of delicious protein. … Continue reading

Japan’s Rivers and Hot Springs

Japan sits directly on one edge of the earthshaking “Ring of Fire.” However, there is a positive point to this hazardous location. Japan is a steeply mountainous country that is awash with what are arguably the best hot springs in … Continue reading