Salmon Culture of Murakami, Japan

Salmon have been swimming upstream to lay their eggs throughout the mountainous archipelago nation of Japan for thousands of years. The ruby-red eggs and succulent pink flesh of these powerful swimmers are more than just a source of delicious protein. … Continue reading

Monarch Butterflies Fluttering to Extinction: ESA Them Now

Like summer’s fog vanishing during morning’s sun, Monarch Butterflies disappear daily. At some mark in time—just like fog—meadows, fields, and skies will be clear of them.

No time remains on nature’s clock to pussyfoot. Merriam-Webster defines that word as refraining … Continue reading

Montana Mine, Queen of the Golden West

I don’t remember any summer vacations growing up that weren’t spent in Montana. The family would rent a motorhome and we’d drive from river to river for the first two weeks in August. As flyfishermen, it was the ultimate pilgrimage … Continue reading

America’s Foreign Country

For more than 18 miles, concrete and steel columns holding up Interstate 10 between Baton Rouge and Lafayette in Louisiana rise out of a swamp. Not just any wetland, but the Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp, which covers a third of … Continue reading

Falmouth, Watersports on the Fal River

Think of Falmouth and some of the first things that come to mind are the Tall Ships Regatta and round-the-world-voyages. But these aren’t its only claims to fame. Falmouth Harbour is the deepest in western Europe, so it’s no surprise … Continue reading

Fun and Danger on Rivers

The idyllic view of a beautiful day paddling, rowing, kiting or sailing on a river fills our head with joy and excitement. Dangers lurk, however, and the wary and chary should take note.

First, the fun. Paddleboard sales show the … Continue reading

Watersports in the Land of Song

Wales. Land of song, deep valleys, hills, mountains and stunning scenery. Its coastline stretches for more than 1,600 miles, so it’s little wonder that watersports play a huge part in its culture. Journey north, and at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay … Continue reading

Monarch Butterflies Occupy Interlachen Country Club!

Golf took a backseat for one night at the famed rolling greens of the ICC golf course, Edina, Minn., for the launch of Save Our Monarchs Foundation.  Held on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon overlooking the lush grounds, the monarchs … Continue reading

Japan’s Rivers and Hot Springs

Japan sits directly on one edge of the earthshaking “Ring of Fire.” However, there is a positive point to this hazardous location. Japan is a steeply mountainous country that is awash with what are arguably the best hot springs in … Continue reading

Building and Maintaining Endurance for Your Sports

Want to have more fun on your upcoming paddling trips? It’s all about building a good base level of endurance so you can go longer and work harder. Don’t get sucked into ads for pills, power bars, drinks and other … Continue reading