Affiliate Disclosure

River Sports Magazine occasionally partners with organizations and advertisers to promote destinations, accommodations, products, or activities. As such, we only enter into partnerships we feel offer value to you, our readers and river sports enthusiasts.

As part of these partnerships, we may receive gear, accommodations, or other services free of cost. For any gear or product reviews, the writer(s) may choose to keep the product without the company’s request for return.

River Sports Magazine does NOT receive any monetary compensation from parties involved for the reviews of gear, accommodation, or other services. However, we may choose to provide affiliate links throughout the article to that specific product or service.

What are affiliate links?

An affiliate link connects the reader directly to an external website for the service or product promoted. If the reader decides to purchase from the external site, River Sports Magazine receives a small commission for promoting that service or product. The price the reader pays if they decide to purchase through River Sports Magazine’s affiliate link remains the same. So, there is no additional cost to the reader.

Please note: All of our review articles express the writer’s own honest opinion of the destination, product, or activity described and are not influenced by these partnerships or affiliate links! We strive to provide the most unbiased information to our readers as possible.

If you’d like more information, see the FTC’s Endorsement Guide or feel free to contact us with additional questions.