Love Letter to the Yellowstone River

yellowstone river in montana with blue sky

We put our canoe in at Mallard’s Rest in Livingston, Montana, and paddle out into the middle of the Yellowstone River. Cottonwoods lining the bank are just budding out and perfuming the air. The mountains are shrouded in a rare … Continue reading

Fly Fishing In Montana, Queen of the Golden West

I can’t remember any summer vacations growing up that weren’t spent in Montana. The family would rent a motorhome, and we’d drive from one river to another for the first two weeks in August. As flyfishermen, it was the ultimate … Continue reading

The Best Places for Fly Fishing in the U.S.

When fly fishing began, fly fishers only went after trout. However, now enthusiastic fly fishers catch boneheads, tarpon, salmon, and other fish as well. There are many places where one can use one’s skills at presenting a fly or bait … Continue reading