A Brief History of Stand Up Paddleboarding

By now, most of us have heard of, seen, or attempted Stand Up Paddleboarding, the latest and greatest water activity catching on like fish to water around the country. While this seems a relatively new water sport to land dwellers … Continue reading

Exercises for Paddlers: Strength Training To Prepare For The Season

The same thing happens to me every spring. The ice leaves the river, and I get so excited that I’m out paddling hard for the whole day. And then I pay for it with sore muscles for a week. Even … Continue reading

WasSUP, Banff?

Living in landlocked Banff surrounded by glacier-fed lakes I don’t know the first thing about stand up paddleboards, or SUPs, but when I see them in magazines they are always on warm turquoise seas with fine white sandy beaches in … Continue reading